How do I play Pick Perfect?

The goal is to correctly predict 10 outcomes from a game, match, league or competition.  If you get 10 from 10 predictions correct, you win!

What do I win?

Right now –  in this the Beta version, it’s just bragging rights as we work towards securing prizes from select sponsors. We will post the prizes as they become available. 

What if I can't see my league or my team?

We are working on adding  teams, comps and leagues every day. You can suggest one  @ support  

Can I play any game? Any league?

In Beta, yes, you can play any game, any league. Some games will become premium games when we are out of beta and in full production.  

What ways can I play?

Depending on the game and your location, you can play on the web, mobile (everywhere) and by SMS text and Voice (subject to local telcom and Internet providers) restrictions. 

When is the latest I can submit my picks?

You can submit your picks up to one hour before the game commences. In league play, it’s one hour before the first game starts. For matches (like Combat sports and Tennis) it’s one hour before the match begins. All submission forms are deactivated at these times to ensure fair play for all players.    

What happens if a game is cancelled?

If a  game or match is canceled, the Pick Perfect game is also canceled.  

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